A Revolution in Design Becomes a Revolution in Life

Metallo Legno creates more than just high-end furnishings and interiors. It’s an organisation that transcends furniture making and aims to look at the bigger picture and connect the numerous aspects and industries involved in world class design.

We’re a team of talented and experienced artists, designers, architects, metalworkers, woodworkers, furniture-makers, engineers, tool-makers, YouTubers, teachers, and students, all gathered under the same umbrella of advancing and changing the industry around the world in a manner noone has done or envisioned before.

Lead designer and CEO Christopher Plummer founded Metallo Legno as a continuation of an extraordinarily successful career in furniture design, architecture and interiors. After making a name in the industry, Christopher decided to establish a new company that would serve as an incubator for innovation and change.

Our main focus at the moment is a non-profit school for young people in Lusaka, Zambia and the rest of Africa.

The Lusaka Project

The specialty in our furniture is the interaction and blend between metal and wood. One of Christopher’s passions has always been working with metals and finding ways to do the impossible.

How we roll

More than a few people have described Christopher as having hurricane force, moving through life disrupting and deconstructing everything around him while simultaneously recreating and inspiring change.

“For Christopher perfection is not a myth, impossible is not a word and diversity is just a fact of life. “

Christopher was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa and has traveled and worked on so many projects around the world that for a while he had to renew his passport every three years. His unusual upbringing has become the source of unusual ideas and even more unusual solutions.

His style is the combining of previously traditional elements within modern constructs for a balance. One of Christopher’s first companies revolutionised the classic American tin ceiling by providing modern finishes such as glossy Ferrari red. In one of his first architecture projects he was critiqued for using such dissimilar surfaces: Who would think a Parisian zinc roof would look good on a wall? But it did and Christopher’s career was launched.

After years of revolutionising metal range hoods and bringing back the magnificent French pewter countertops, with Metallo Legno he’s now taking on the biggest and most challenging project in his life so far.

For Christopher perfection is not a myth, impossible is not a word and diversity is just a fact of life. He has been involved in everything from developing banking businesses to creating the most expensive perfume in the world. He knows that clients are not always right, but they always matter and he will piss them off just to make sure they get the best. That’s how we roll.

“We make change happen"